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Quaker Houghton Mar-Temp Oil H 340

High performance hot quenching oil


MAR-TEMP H 340 is a high performance accelerated hot quenching oil suitable for use at temperatures of up to 180°C. It is based upon solvent-refined mineral oils and contains a specially formulated additive package which provides accelerated quenching characteristics and excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability. MAR-TEMP H 340 has a high flash point and will provide long life under arduous operating conditions.


MAR-TEMP H 340 is designed for hot oil quenching applications where minimum distortion is required and a very high cooling rate is necessary to achieve the optimum hardness and physical properties. It finds particular application in sealed quench furnaces at temperatures up to 150°C, under a protective atmosphere, for the control of distortion on critical high precision components such as bearing rings or automotive transmission parts in through hardened, carburised and carbo-nitrided steels. It can also be used in open tanks at temperatures in excess of 100°C for the quenching of gears and shafts. The additives incorporated into MAR-TEMP H 340 reduce the duration of the vapour phase and provide a high maximum rate of cooling. This enables the development of maximum hardness and physical properties, and is particularly important on critical carburised or carbonitrided gear components where maximum hardness and case depth is a tooth root requirement.

  • Economic – Lifetime improved provided by excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • Economic – Consistent performance under the most arduous of operating conditions.
  • Economic – Uniform quenching characteristics maintained over a range of operating temperatures.
  • Economic – Control of sludge formation.
  • Economic – Drag out limited by viscosity adapted for hot application.
  • Operator friendly – Base oil highly refined.
  • Safety – High flash point.
  • Safety – High performing chemistry which keep your added value safe.
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