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Quaker Houghton Tube Lubricant CR 51

Tube Drawing Lubricant


TUBE LUBRICANT CR 51 H is based on hydro treated mineral oil with low aromatic content. A combination of polar additives provide the oil with high load carrying properties. The oil provides good surface finish of the machined work pieces.
TUBE LUBRICANT CR 51 H contains Chlorine and is free from Sulfur and Heavy Metals (Zinc)


TUBE LUBRICANT CR 51 H is used for tube drawing and pilgering and other severe deformation of most severe machinable materials as stainless steel.
TUBE LUBRICANT CR 51 H is also suitable for non ferrous materials as brass or copper.


o Reduced cost – improved tool life due to high EP power
o Reduced cost – less energy consumption due to high EP and I ubricity
o Reduced cost – easy to be washed off with standard cleaners
o Reduced cost – higher production rates due to strong lubricity

  • Colour -yellow
  • Specific Gravity@ 20 °C kglm133 – 1250
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s – 185
  • Flash Point COC °C – 210
  • Pour Point 0c – -9
  • Cop per Corrosion- 1b

For best results we recommend the use of the Houghton range of industrial lubricants, cleaners and corrosion protective.
For more information, please contact your local Houghton representative.

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Quaker Houghton Lubricant Oil

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