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The Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oil range is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors and formulated especially for the lubrication of high speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings.


Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oils have been specially formulated to provide outstanding protection against rust and oxidation while demonstrating good lubricity. These types of oils are also referred to as “R and O” oils. Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oils are designed for use in all types of spindle bearings, including high-speed spindle
bearings. Spindle E5 has an additional oiliness agent for enhanced lubricity Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oils are fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated (e.g. Viton) polymers.

Hyspin Spindle Oils are classified as follows:
DIN 51502 classification – HL ISO 6743/4 – Hydraulic Oils Type H ISO 6743/2 – Spindle Oils Type FC

Hyspin Spindle oils meet or exceed the following industry specifications: Cincinnati Lamb (formerly Milacron) P-45 (FC-22) – Spindle Oil 22 Cincinnati Lamb (formerly Milacron) P-62 (FC-10) – Spindle Oil 10 Cincinnati Lamb (formerly Milacron) P-65 (FC-2) – Spindle Oil 2


• Good thermal and oxidative stability leads to longer operating life, reduction in lubricant costs and minimises deposit formation giving a cleaner system.
• Good protection of yellow metal and ferrous components helps maintain and prolong equipment life.
• Excellent water separation and hydrolytic stability means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
• Controlled foaming to provide consistent lubrication under the high agitation conditions found in spindle bearings.

Viscosity 22 mm/s² at 40°C
Oil type Mineral
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Chemicals, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals, Power Generation

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