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Lubric8 Cool M 243Z

Lubric8 Cool M 243Z Semi synthetic, Soluble Cooling Fluid For Arduous Applications


A semi-synthetic, formaldehyde-release biocide-free, soluble cooling fluid for arduous applications. Lubric8 Cool M 243 Z is a medium oil content product with EP additives giving superb machining performance in tough machining operationsLubric8 Cool M 243 Z is low foaming and works well in both hard and soft waters. It is suitable for use on a variety of steel alloys and can be used for the machining of non-ferrous alloys. Lubric8 Cool M 243 Z is an extremely robust coolant and gives extended service life in the most difficult conditions. 


Machining operations:

Turning, Milling & Drilling

Tapping & Threading

Reaming And deep hole drilling

Surface & cylindrical grinding 


Material suitability:

Ferrous alloys 

Aluminium alloys 

Yellow metals 


Recommended Dilutions: 

Turning, Milling & Drilling 4-6%

Tapping & Threading 5-7%

Reaming & deep hole drilling 7-10%

Surface & Cylindrical grinding 3-4%


Lubric8 Cool M 243Z Semi-synthetic, Soluble Cooling Fluid Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for tough, arduous applications
  • Low foaming
  • Works well in both hard and soft water mixes
  • Suitable for use on a wide variety of metals
  • Very robust giving extended service life in difficult conditions
  • Formaldehyde release biocide-free 


Emulsion Appearance Semi-Translucent
pH at 5% in distilled water9.3
IP 287 Corrosion Break Point2.5
Refractor Correction Factor1.1

HEALTH & SAFETY: This product has been manufactured to the highest standards and when used for the purpose recommended is unlikely to present any significant health hazards. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available. Indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the usual commercial fluctuations. All information is correct at the time of going to press to the best of our knowledge. This information may be subject to change without notification due to continual product research and development. 

Additional advice can also be obtained from your local representative. 

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Lubric8 Cool M 243Z Soluble Metalworking Cooling Fluid

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