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Lubric8 Cut 15 HC

Lubric8 Cut 15 HC Metalwork Neat Cutting Oil


Lubric8 Cut 15 HC is formulated using hydro-cracked and high VI base stocks and utilises advanced additive technology to achieve a high flash point and increased performance. The combination of chlorine-free advanced lubricity esters, EP and phosphorous additives together with substances to reduce mist, and oxidation and improve corrosion protection ensures this high-performance low viscosity oil has a long service life. 


Used as received for machining medium to high tensile steel, yellow metals, aluminium alloys and stainless steel. Especially suited for high-speed sliding heads and multi-slide machines.  

As the product is formulated using high viscosity index base oils the product can also be used as a lubricating oil where a viscosity of ISO 10-22 is required. The product will tolerate the ingress of other lubricating oils in automatic machines where cross leakage from gear and hydraulic systems can occur. 


Lubric8 Cut 15 HC Metalwork Neat Cutting Oil Product Benefits:

  • Hydro-cracked formulation with a high flash point greatly reduces the risk of fire in the event of a tool crash. 
  • The hydro-cracked formulation greatly assists the dispersal of heat away from the machine tool. 
  • Chlorine-free, non-active EP additive package. 
  • Extended tool life, increased cutting speed and improved productivity. 
  • Compatible for use with yellow metals without staining. 
  • Good workpiece visibility. 
  • Excellent operator acceptability, low misting. 


Kinematic Viscosity @ 400C: 13.5-16.5 cSt
Copper Corrosion Test: 1a
Flashpoint: >2000 oC
Specific Gravity @ 150C:0.847
Appearance Very Pale Straw



HEALTH & SAFETY: This product has been manufactured to the highest standards and when used for the purpose recommended is unlikely to present any significant health hazards. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available. Indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the usual commercial fluctuations. All information is correct at the time of going to press to the best of our knowledge. This information may be subject to change without notification due to continual product research and development. 

Additional advice can also be obtained from your local representative. 

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Lubric8 Cut 15 HC Neat Cutting Metalworking Oil

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