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Castrol Magna MO 59


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Castrol Magna™ MO 59 (previously called Castcon™ 59) is a special moulding oil, for all types of moulds and forms
used in the building industry. Especially suitable base oils conform to the application, ensuring the best seperation
effect, and provide a high protection against corrosion. The base oils also give concrete a smooth, clean and nonporous
surface. In the case of an operation interruption, this product also provides a sufficient wetting.
Magna MO 59 is especially economical because of its minimal consumption, and the single application extends the
service life of moulds and case hardened forms.
Castrol has successfully submitted this product to the strict requirements of the high-quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001.
This certification gives you an additional safety assurance with this products quality and the service that can be expected
from Castrol.


Magna MO 59 can be used on all existing moulds and forming materials (steel, wood and plastic), with or without the
steam curing process.

Viscosity9 mm/s² at 40°C
Oil typeMineral
Product typeLubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectorsMachinery

The conditions for the success and the efficiency of all mould works, is the quality factor of the moulding oil, and it being
properly applied. It’s important that the moulds surface is oiled on a regulated basis. In addition, it’s to be applied in a
smooth coating and not heavily, unless there is an increased pit formation. In the case of pitting, appling Magna MO 59
in spray form is preferred over brush application. Wood and plastic moulds should be oiled immediately before being
used. Metal plates and metal moulds should be oiled before and after being used.

This product was previously called Castcon 59. The name was changed in 2015.

Castrol Magna MO59 100 Moulding and Forming Lubricating Oil

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