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Castrol Molub-Alloy TF Spray
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Greyish Black Solid Lubricant Based on MoS2


Castrol Molub-Alloy TF Spray (previously called Opti coating TF Spray) is a powdered solid lubricant with good adhesion to metal surfaces with high surface finish. It is especially suited for lubrication of tight-fitting components. Its dry sprayable film is ideal for hard-to-reach lubricating points. Molub-Alloy TF Spray also provides good base lubrication to eliminate wear, friction and stick-slip. It avoids damaging of sliding surfaces working under extreme loads.

  • For lubrication and wear reduction at sliding surfaces, gear teeth, spindles, slide ways and iron or non-ferrous metal guides (not for white metals).
  • Especially efficient for hard-to-reach lubricating points i.e. bolt holes, threads, gear rims and adjusting spindles in the wood, paper and glass industries.
  • For base lubrication of highly loaded sliding bearings, toothed racks, guides, ejector pins and door and adjusting spindles on airplanes (the lubricity is not affected by dust or aggressive ambient atmospheres).
  • For width adjusting spindles of tenter frames (dust and lint will not accumulate)
  • Temperature application range: in ambient air: – 180°C to + 450°C sealed from air: – 180°C to + 650°C under protective gas: – 180°C to + 1300°C
  • Sprayable, easy handling
  • Extremely economical in use
  • Outstanding adhesion to all metal surfaces
  • Optimum wear protection
  • Minimum coefficient of friction (μ – 0.04)
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity
  • Good separation ability
  • Dry lubricating film, does not attract or hold dust
  • Aging-resistant and thermally stable
  • Complies with international specifications (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik/Federal Defense Agency: VTL 6810-015, French spec.: AIR 4223, English spec.: DEF 2304, US spec.: MIL-M 7866B, NATO spec.: S 740)
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Metals
  • Thoroughly clean and degrease metal surfaces.
  • Molub-Alloy TF Spray contains solvents, hence observe handling instructions for solvent-containing products.
  • Shake spray can well before use. Apply thin and even layer of dry lubricant.

This product was previously called Opti coating TF Spray. The name was changed in 2015.

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