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Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD 320 ES
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High Performance Synthetic Gear Oil


Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD…ES Range is based on synthetic hydrocarbons (PAO) with Castrol’s advanced gear oil system which gives special plastic deformation (PD) and surface improvement performance. The additive package, when activated by high specific loads and corresponding temperatures, helps to equalize surface roughness without creating abrasion leading to the surface improvement (plastic deformation). Optigear Synthetic PD…ES is a CLP-HC gear oil (according to DIN 51502) and exceeds the minimum requirements according to DIN 51517, part 3, CLP gear oils and is formulated with detergent type additives. Optigear Synthetic PD 150 ES to PD 460 ES gear oils are approved by Flender (Flender gear units – Listing T 7300, Rev. 16, formerly Siemens Mechanical Drives).


Optigear Synthetic PD…ES may be used in spur gear, bevel gears or planetary gear units and in heavy loaded gear units. It is also suitable for the lubrication of oil-lubricated rolling bearings. It is especially designed to reduce friction losses and can reduce energy consumption compared to more conventional lubricants. The lower friction observed with Optigear Synthetic PD…ES means less stress in the contact point subsurface area, which means lower risk for pittings and micropittings.

Being synthetic based it will also withstand higher temperatures and provide extended life. Depending on the specific application, Optigear Synthetic PD…ES may be used in an operating temperature range from -40°C to +100°C, and upto +120°C for short periods. (Note the lower operating temperature is dependent on the pour point).

The beneficial effects of the special PD additives contained in Optigear Synthetic PD…ES will be reduced if mixed with other lubricants. If mixing with other oils cannot be avoided, contact our local technical support team for advice on compatibility (as a guide at least <5% of other oils is preferred). Optigear Synthetic PD…ES is compatible with most
commonly used elastomer seal materials.

  • High load carrying capacity
  • Very low friction coefficient and frictional torque
  • Superior micropitting protection
  • Surface smoothing effect
  • Excellent bearing lubrication suitability
  • Good filtration properties
  • Long life lubricant
Operating temperature Min. -40°C
Max. 100°C
Viscosity 320 mm/s² at 40°C
Oil type PAO
Ester/EP additives Yes
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Chemicals, Machinery, Metals, Mining, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Wind

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