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Castrol Optigear Synthetic 1510/320


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Castrol Optigear Synthetic™ 1510/320 (previously named Tribol™ 1510/320) gear oil with TGOA represent a significant
advancement in gear oil technology. TGOA is an oil additive package designed to reduce friction while providing surface
improvement and protection. The TGOA additive package can outperform most other EP and anti-wear additives
because of its unique action on friction surfaces.
The synthetic base fluid in these gear oils is a polyalphaolefin which can be used in a temperature range from – 45 °C to
+120 °C.
The TGOA additive package is activated by relatively high specific loads and corresponding temperatures, causing a
chemical-physical reaction. This results in an equalization of surface roughness without creating abrasion. This process
can be compared with a rolling process. The surface roughness is gradually leveled and smoothed. Through smoothing
of the working surfaces the actual load carrying area is enlarged. During the running-in process, the TGOA package
creates an optimum of smooth contact surfaces. If, because of shock loads or stop- and-go operation, surface
roughness peaks redevelop, the TGOA additive package is automatically reactivated. Surface roughness is again
smoothed and lubrication optimized.
Optigear Synthetic 1510 gear oil is available in viscosity grade of 320


Optigear Synthetic 1510/320 gear oil may be used in a temperature range from -45°C to +120°C. It is most valuable
during the running-in process as well as in applications where the surfaces have already been damaged in the microrange.

Typical applications are spur, helical, herringbone, bevel and planetary gears. They are also used in geared couplings,
rolling and sliding bearings as well as in gear drive circulating systems.

  • Considerable decrease in maintenance costs by prolonged service life of lubricant and machine parts
  • The excellent friction reducing characteristics are demonstrated through the results of the FZG test (damage load
    stage > 14)
  • Micropitting load capability: high (stage 10)
  • Regenerating of damaged friction surfaces on a micro-scale range
  • Reduced friction and consequently reduced wear
  • Reduced operating temperature
  • Lower noise level
  • Longer life of gearings and bearings
  • Running-in oils or additives may no longer be required
  • Preventing and stopping of running-in pittings – if not caused by faulty design or heavy loading of gears due to
    synthetic base fluid excellent oxidation stability ensures the formation of a pressure-stable lube film over a wide
    temperature range thus providing excellent anti-wear protection

Optigear Synthetic 1510/320 synthetic gear oil is compatible with mineral oils and esters. Traces (up to 3%) of previous
oil in the gear case after draining will not pose any problems. However, the beneficial effects of the TGOA additives are
reduced, when Optigear Synthetic 1510/320 oil are mixed with other gear oils.
Optigear Synthetic 1510/320 oil is not compatible with polyglycols. After draining a polyglycol fill, the gear case must be
flushed well with a mineral oil or flushing oil.

This product was previously called Tribol 1510/320. The name was changed in 2015.


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