Castrol Techniclean D 890

Multi-metal ultrasonic dip process cleaner


Castrol Techniclean™ D 890 is an aqueous, mildly alkaline industrial cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors and a
highly effective biodegradable surfactant package. The product is designed to be user-friendly and environmentally
responsible. It is free of inorganic salts.


Techniclean D 890 is a low pH process cleaner for precision cleaning of all metals to the most demanding
specifications in all types of dip and ultrasonic applications.
Techniclean D 890 is designed to remove a wide range of soils encountered in manufacturing, such as soluble oils,
light-medium duty neat cutting or forming oils, lubrication oils, soft film corrosion preventives, swarf and general dirt.


Leaves a temporary corrosion preventive film on the metal surface – minimises scrap rate which improves
Highly effective biodegradable surfactant package – improves parts cleanliness and reduces re-work
Free of inorganic salts, no rinsing required – enables process rationalisation
Moderate pH-level – improves environment for the workforce
Multi-metal compatible and suitable in hard and soft water – enables possible product consolidation

Metal type Aluminum, Cast Iron, High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel, Yellow Metal
Multi metals suitable Yes
Formulated without Silicate Yes
Formulated without Boron Yes
Product type Surface Treatments
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals

Concentration Control
1. Pipette 10 ml in an Erlenmeyer flask
2. Add 1 – 2 drops of indicator solution nitrazine yellow
3. Titrate with hydrochloric acid (c = 0,1 ml/l) until colour changes from blue to yellow
4. Concentration = required ml hydrochloric acid * factor 1,6

To avoid product deterioration always keep the container/drum tightly sealed. Store the product in a cool, dry place away
from direct sunlight. Prevent exposure to frost and avoid water ingress. For optimum product stability, it is preferable to
store the product indoors between 5°C and 45 °C / 41°F and 113°F.
For more details, please refer the product safety data sheet.


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