Castrol Techniclean FC Plus
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Heavy duty alkaline floor cleaner


Castrol Techniclean FC Plus is a liquid, alkaline degreasing and cleaning fluid, containing a highly effective biodegradable surfactant package.


Techniclean FC Plus is designed for use on industrial floors and for cleaning work-benches. Techniclean FC Plus effectively removes soils such as oils, greases, emulsions and general workshop grime but is also suitable where medium to heavy duty soils are encountered. Techniclean FC Plus is very low foaming even at room temperature. It is equally suited for use in maintenance cleaning equipment (brush type), auto floor scrubber machines, high pressure spray and by manual application using a broom, brush or mop.

  • Advanced additive package, even after a short reaction time the soils can be removed by using brush or high pressure cleaning equipment – improves housekeeping, improves worker safety by reducing injuries due to falls.
  • Low foam at all temperatures – allows use of wet vacuum cleaning machines
  • Free of strong complexing agents – does not harm subsequent waste water treatment
  • Fast-drying, non-slip finish leaves no sticky residues – improves operator acceptance
  • Versatile cleaning fluid, ideal for scrubbing floors and general maintenance cleaning – enables possible product consolidation
Metal type Non-Metal
Multi metals suitable No
Formulated without Silicate No
Formulated without Boron Yes
Product type Surface Treatments
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals, Power Generation

Conditions of Use Recommended concentration of use: 0.5-5% (depending upon degree of soiling) For manual cleaning of heavily soiled floors the in-use cleaning solution is spread over the surface at the same time as the floor is worked by brushes. After a contact time of 5-10 minutes the solution is rinsed from the floor with water.

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