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Castrol Transmax Z


Automatic Transmission Fluid


Castrol Transmax Z is a high quality full synthetic transmission fluid. It is particularly recommended for use in automatic
and semi automatic transmissions used in buses and coaches. It may also be used in manual transmissions. As such
it is recommended for fleets employing a mixture of Voith, Renk, ZF, Allison and MB transmissions alongside the
Leyland Pneumocyclic and Hydracyclic units. Extended oil drain [120.000 km] in ZF Ecomat, MB AT and Voith AT

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation prolonging the life of the lubricant, offers extended drain potential and lowers
    operating costs.
  • Enhanced protection against deposits extends transmission life.
  • Temperature reduction in severe service improves transmission and oil service life and helps reduce fuel
    consumption and emissions
  • Optimised frictional characteristics providing smoother gear changes and protects against wear
  • Outstanding cold flow properties giving high protection to transmission especially at start-up
Name Method Units Transmax Z
Density @ 15C, Relative ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.836
Viscosity, Kinematic 40C ASTM D445 mm²/s 38
Viscosity, Kinematic 100C ASTM D445 mm²/s 7.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 None 170
Viscosity, Brookfield @ -40C (75W) ASTM D2983 mPa.s (cP) 8400
Pour Point ASTM D97 °C -66
Flash Point, COC ASTM D92 °C 228

MAN 339 Typ Z3, MAN 339 Typ Z12, MAN 339 Typ V2,
ZF TE-ML 04D,11B,14C,16M,16S, 20C, 25C
VW 501 60
MB-Approval 236.81
Voith H55.6336.xx
Recommended for use where:
– Toyota T, T II, T III, T IV, WS
– Nissan Matic D, J, S
– Mitsubishi SP II,IIM, III, PA, J3, SP IV
– Mazda ATF M-III, M-V, JWS 3317, FZ
– Subaru F6, Red 1
– Daihatsu AMMIX ATF D-III Multi, D3-SP
– Suzuki AT Oil 5D06, 2384K, JWS 3314, JWS 3317
– Hyundai/Kia SP III, SP IV
– Aisin Transmissions requiring JWS 3309
– Honda/Acura DW 1/Z 1
– Isuzu (where Toyota T-IV is required)
is required.
Suitable for use in BMW, VW, Audi and Jaguar 5 speed automatic transmission and MB 4 and 5 speed automatic


All packages should be stored under cover. Where outside storage is unavoidable drums should be laid horizontally to
avoid the possible ingress of water and damage to drum markings. Products should not be stored above 60°C, exposed
to hot sun or freezing conditions.


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