High Performance Lubricants

Castrol Tribol 890/100


Synthetic Compressor Oil


Castrol Tribol™ 890 compressor oils are fully synthetic ester based lubricants formulated for long service life and clean
deposit-free operation. They are manufactured in several viscosity grades to satisfy the lubrication needs of the most
demanding air compressor applications (as well as many other process gases).


Rotary vane and rotary screw compressors: Tribol 890/32 and 890/68 are designed for vacuum pumps and rotary
compressors where circulation systems inject oil directly into the air stream to lubricate, cool and seal the compressor.

The Tribol 890 range performs better than petroleum oils in flooded rotary vane and screw compressors. By minimizing
varnish and carbon deposits, it can extend drain intervals from 1,000 hours to more than 5,000 hours in most vane
compressors. Under normal use oil-flooded screw compressor drain intervals can be extended to over 8,000 hours with
maximum air discharge temperatures <100°C, as defined by ISO 6743-3:2003. Tribol 890 can also be used in
compressor units operating under severe conditions with maximum air discharge temperatures of >100°C with reduced
oil drain intervals.

Reciprocating compressors: Tribol 890/100 is used for both crankcase and upper cylinder lubrication in reciprocating
compressors for either normal or severe duty lubrication, as defined by ISO 6743.

Hydraulic and circulating systems, gears, bearings: where rust and oxidation inhibited (R&O) turbine type circulating oils
are specified. Tribol 890 is particularly well suited where operating temperatures ranges are too extreme for petroleumbased oils. Tribol 890 is classified as follows: DIN 51506 classification – VBL, VCL and VDL. ISO 6743/4 – DAG, DAH and
DAJ for rotary air compressors also DAA, DAB for trunk pistons at high pressure and high temperature (Viscosity grade

  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability leads to longer operating life and reduce lubricant costs. Can last up to 4 to
    8 times longer than mineral based compressor oils depending on operating conditions.
  • Natural cleansing action prevents the formation and build-up of varnish, sludge or deposits. This prevents valve
    wear and sticking, allows more efficient re-compression and provides clean intercoolers. The resulting benefits
    are less heat generation, reduced fire potential as well as reduced energy input required for constant discharge
    capacity and overall improved compressor efficiency.
  • Low volatility means less oil contamination of plant air, greater demister efficiency, less maintenance of filters and
    separators and reduced oil consumption.
  • Natural oil film strength and lubricity with additional load carrying and antiwear additives providing excellent wear
    protection and reduced downtime from unscheduled maintenance.

Changeover from petroleum oils to Castrol Tribol 890 should always be preceded by a very thorough cleanout. Although
890 oils are compatible with petroleum, any residual mineral oil will soon oxidize and contaminate Tribol 890, shortening
the anticipated service life. Tribol 890 oils soften polycarbonate and should not be used with this material. These fluids
should not be used where neoprene seals and E.P.D.M. elastomers sealing materials are present anywhere in the air

Castrol Tribol 890-100 High Performance Compressor Lubricant Oil

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