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Castrol Tribol CH 1730/100
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Castrol Tribol CH 1730 (previously called Tribol 1730/100) is a unique Chain Oil developed for normal operating temperatures and peak operating temperatures up to 150°C. It has excellent affinity for metal surfaces and outstanding penetration characteristics. Special antiwear additives provide excellent lubrication properties in boundary and mixed
friction areas. Tribol CH 1730 Chain Oil is formulated using a blend of synthetic esters and a selected mineral oil which guarantees a high oxidation stability at elevated temperatures. Rust and Oxidation inhibitors protect chains from corrosion at standstill and extend the lubricant life.


Tribol CH 1730 is used for the lubrication of conveyor and power transmission chains at room temperatures or elevated temperatures in moist environments. It can be applied by drip, spray or brush or via automatic lubrication systems.

  • Tribol CH 1730 has excellent wetting and adhesive properties.
  • The low volatility characteristics of Tribol CH 1730 means that the amount applied can often be reduced and/or the interval between re-application extended.
  • The cleaning action of Tribol CH 1730 reduces the need to stop production periodically to clean equipment.
  • Tribol CH 1730 also dissolves and facilitates the removal of carbonaceous residues left by previous lubricants.
  • Tribol CH 1730 Chain Oil is compatible with NBR sealing material and is proven and approved by leading automatic lubrication system manufacturers.
Operating temperature Max. 120°C
Viscosity 100 mm/s² at 40°C
Viscosity index 112
Oil type Mineral Oil / Ester
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Cement, Metal Goods, Metals, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper

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