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Castrol Tribol GR ES 2
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Castrol Tribol GR ES 2 (previously called Longtime ES 2) is an energy saving, synthetic high performance grease based on novel thickener-technology.

It has excellent mechanical and shear stability and extraordinary resistance against water and humidity as well as metalworking fluid emulsions.

The carefully selected additive package includes antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and a unique EP/AW system. The novel polymeric thickener is non-ionic, inert and contributes to an increased film thickness. This, in turn, results in longer life and easier and more secure maintenance. On account of its polymeric nature we can use the lower base oil viscosity instead of a higher base oil viscosity product. This in turn helps reduce the application temperature and leads to energy saving. Significant drop in temperature has been observed in certain applications.

Due to the inertness of the thickener system, the product is also compatible with most types of conventional lubricating greases. In addition, the technology provides high adhesion and low solubility resulting in excellent resistance to water and aggressive chemicals.

  • For lubrication for both sliding- and rolling applications
  • The product can be used for consolidation within a plant
  • For lubrication of electric motor bearings.
  • For Bearing-lubrication even under strong influence of emulsions or water.
  • For lubrication of Chucks in Machine tools
  • Temperature application range: – 30°C up to 100°C, max 120°C short term peaks.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Decreased Operating temperatures.
  • Excellent mechanical and shear stability.
  • Decreased grease consumption and longer bearing lifetime
  • Improved machine availability due to extended grease intervals and reduced downtime.
  • Extraordinary resistance against water and metalworking fluid emulsions.
  • Opportunity for product consolidation in a manufacturing facility.
Name Method Units Tribol GR ES 2


Visual Beige
Appearance Visual Homogenous
Dropping Point ASTM D566 / ISO 2176 °C/°F 140 / 284
Four Ball Wear test – Weld Load DIN 51350-4A N 3000
Flow pressure @ (-30°C / -22°F) DIN 51805 mBar 1400
Worked Penetration (60 strokes @ 25°C / 77°F) ASTM D217 / ISO 2137 0.1mm 265 – 295
Worked Penetration (100,000 strokes @ 25°C /

77°F) – change from 60 strokes

ASTM D217 / ISO 2137 0.1mm 50
Roll Stability test – Shear Stability (50 hrs, 80°C /

176°F )

ASTM D1831 (modified) 0.1mm 80
Rust Test – EMCOR (synthetic seawater) ASTM D6138 / ISO 11007 Rating 0/1
Copper Corrosion (24 hrs,100°C / 212°F) ASTM D130 / ISO 2160 Rating 1a
Water Resistance DIN 51807-1 Rating 1
Water Wash-out ASTM D1264 / ISO 11009 / DIN 51807-2 % wt loss 2
Oil Separation (168 hrs @ 40°C / 104°F) IP 121 / DIN 51817 % wt 3
Four Ball Wear test – Wear Scar Diameter DIN 51350-5E mm 1.8

This product was previously called Longtime ES 2. The name was changed 2015.

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