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Castrol Viscogen KL 15


Synthetic high temperature chain lubricant


Castrol Viscogen™ KL range are thermally stable synthetic lubricants designed for high temperature lubrication in
severe environments, where the use of mineral oils or conventional synthetic oils would result in excessive wear,
carbonisation and residue formation. They can be used up to temperatures of +240°C/+464°F, depending on the
viscosity. Viscogen KL have been developed from base fluids which form exceptionally adherent, transparent and
odourless lubricating films and an additive system free of solids, metals or silicone which enhances load carrying
capability and wear protection.


Viscogen KL is available in six different viscosities depending on the ambient and operating conditions. The dimensions
of the chain as well as its structural shape (e.g. roller, pin, ladder chains, insertion and flat link hoisting chains) are
important when selecting the right viscosity. The way the lubricant is applied must also be considered e.g. manual
lubrication, drip feed lubricator, central lubrication, sump lubrication or via spray can. Viscogen KL finds use in many
industrial applications, for example: High-rack storage shelves, bakery machines, paint lines, conveyor chains, tenter
frames and dryers, washing plants, underfloor chains, steamers, slashers, baking ovens, slide ways, spindles, ropes,
open gear wheels, plastic toothed belts and sheet-fed offset machines. Viscogen KL 23 is especially suitable for use in
BOPP (Biaxially oriented Polypropylene) film stretching machines.


Viscogen KL has the following advantages when compared to conventional chain oils:-

  • Extremely low evaporation rate, low residue formation and low smoke generation at high temperatures – enabling
    reduced maintenance, reduced lubricant consumption and better working environments.
  • High load carrying ability under severe mechanical loads and high temperatures as well as excellent penetration on
    chains and wire rope strands – leading to longer chain life.
  • No dripping or throwing off at high speeds or high temperatures – giving reduced lubricant consumption.
  • Excellent rust protection, extraordinary oxidation resistance and no hard carbon build up – leading to longer chain life
    and reduced maintenance.
Operating temperature Min. 0°C

Max. 240°C
Viscosity 220 mm/s² at 40°C
Viscosity index 130
Oil type Ester
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metals, Mining, Power Generation

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