Castrol 125th Anniversary

Castrol 125th Anniversary

Castrol 125th Anniversary

2024 signifies an astonishing milestone year for Castrol as it celebrates its 125th anniversary. On the 9th of March, CC Wakefield & Co was founded by Sir Charles “Cheers” Wakefield in London. Changed to Castrol in 1960, the name was derived from Castor oil, an additive used for his new range of automobile and aeroplane oils.

Now a trusted household name, Castrol’s lubricant products have been looking after our automotive and industrial needs for the last 125 years leading the way with innovation, development, and pioneering chemical engineering.

In a splendid tribute to this landmark year, Castrol has unveiled a distinctive 125th anniversary logo, alongside a captivating video. What’s more enthralling is employing the use of AI technology to bring Sir Charles Wakefield back to life, in this video we can hear from the visionary founder, as he casts an eye over the legacy and future trajectory of his life’s work.

As Castrol celebrates its 125-year journey, the brand is not merely reflecting on past glory and resting on its laurels but rather fixing its sights on new horizons. Launching an audacious ‘Onward, Upward, Forward’ strategy, aimed at meeting the evolving needs of its customers now and into the future, while expanding its core business into new and uncharted territories.

As a Castrol ambassador distributor, we are proud to be a member of the Castrol family. As such we will be celebrating 125 Years of Castrol with our people, customers, and partners throughout 2024.

Embark on this celebratory journey and uncover more at Raise a glass of something to lubricate the throat and join us in a toast to #Castrol125, a testament to a legacy that blends tradition with innovation.

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March 1, 2024