Our History

Once upon a time ………. Well, November 1989, to be exact.

David Adkins, a recently redundant retail supplier of car parts and accessories took delivery of 40 barrels of Castrol engine oil onto the patio of his home. His mission: ‘to sell it around the Cornwall area to and provide an income to support his wife and two young sons’.

This first Castrol delivery resulted in the formation of Kernow Oils.

Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall.

Kernow Oils’ current Managing director Mark Adkins is one of those ‘young sons’ with the ongoing support of other members of the family who work as part of the team to make the business what it is today.

From small beginnings, we have all seen the World change drastically with booming technology and joined-up thinking in infrastructure, making the whole World a more local place to live and so many new opportunities grow.

Kernow Oils,  dedicated to doing a good job, working hard to satisfy customers’ needs and reinvesting in business growth, has flourished.

We are now recognised by and working closely with market-leading Global brands who trust us to be their brand ambassadors.


Kernow Oils’ ongoing success is down to its people.

We are:

  • An office-based support team who have consistently achieved ISO 9001 quality management certification since 2004.
  • A team of logistical legends who can get it “You need it Where?” to “You need it When?”
  • Seven additional dedicated lubricant specialists are based in locations throughout the UK. Their focus is solely on understanding and providing lubricant solutions in their many guises, keeping us all up to speed with the ever-evolving technology, applications and legislation.

Our key performance areas are:

  • Outstanding extensive product and application knowledge.
  • Trusted and reliable technical support
  • Rapid response service levels
  • Vast physical stock holding.

All, working together to offer you:

  • Bespoke, customer-led lubricant solutions
  • Problem-solving lubricant management
  • Ongoing service and technical support


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